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Tocumen International Airport Main Terminal Expansion, Panama, 2006.
National Transportation Terminal
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National Transportation Terminal
National Transportation Terminal
National Transportation Terminal
Samudio Arquitectos, S.A.
In association with Diseño y Arquitectura Los Pueblos, S.A.
Albrook, Panama City, Panama
Construction cost:
$ 20,000,000
Gran Terminal Nacional de Transporte, S.A.
Constructora Los Pueblos
National Transportation Terminal

Issues concerning public transportation have historically been at the forefront of public attention in the Republic of Panama. In 1997, as Panama City faced an increasingly dysfunctional transfer system between regional and urban bus routes, Samudio Arquitectos proposes to both the government and private transport providers the creation of a singular capital city terminal. The goal: to centralize routes and do away with the numerous unregulated bus stops that not only impede free traffic flow but also lack the basic services that should be catered to all users.

Once both groups embrace the project it soon is under way. At this point, the terminal project captures the attention of a prominent local real estate developer, and the project is eventually incorporated to a notable new commercial development.

With its ample interior spaces, its facades that evoke the American canal zone-era architecture of its setting, and the ample supply of services that is a key part of any modern terminal, La Gran Terminal is testimony to the efforts of panamanian professionals and entrepreneurs working together in the name of progress and the well-being of all Panamanians.